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Lithia Springs Urologist

Lithia Springs Urologist
Make us your Urologist in Lithia Springs Georgia. We treat conditions such as Urinary Tract Infections
Bladder Health
Gray ArrowBladder Concerns
Gray ArrowBladder Control
Gray ArrowFrequent Urination
Gray ArrowHematuria (blood in urine)
Gray ArrowPainful Urination
Gray ArrowUrinary Urgency
Gray ArrowUrinary Incontinence
Gray ArrowUrinary Tract Infection
Prostate Health
Gray ArrowEnlarged Prostate
Gray ArrowProstatitis
Gray ArrowPainful Testicle
Gray ArrowProstate Cancer
Gray ArrowTesticular cancer
Kidney Health
Gray ArrowKidney Stones
Gray ArrowKidney Cancer
Sexual Health
Gray ArrowErectile Dysfunction
Gray ArrowSexually Transmitted Diseases
Gray ArrowVaricocele
Gray ArrowVasectomy
Gray ArrowVasectomy Reversal
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Dr. M HajMuard - Your Lithia Springs Urologist

We treat the most common conditions and more. Such as:
Bladder Concerns Bladder Control
Frequent Urination Hematuria
Painful Urination Urinary Urgency
Urinary Incontinence Urinary Tract Infections
Enlarged Prostate Prostatitis
Painful Testicle Prostate Cancer
Testicular Cancer Kidney Stones
Kidney Cancer Erectile Dysfunction
STDs Varicocele
Vasectomy Vasectomy Reversal

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