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Urinary Urgency

Urinary Urgency is a common conditions in both genders and in all age groups. Urinary urgency is a sudden, compelling urge to urinate. It is often, though not necessarily, associated with urinary incontinence, polyuria, nocturia, and interstitial cystitis. It tends to increase with age. When uncontrollable, it causes urge incontinence.

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Urinary Urgency Treatment
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Urinary urgency often occurs as a result of irritation and/or inflammation of the bladder wall (urothelium). In interstitial cystitis, urinary frequency and urgency are the hallmark symptoms, in addition to nocturia and dyspareunia. In many cases, however, these symptoms are often exacerbated by the consumption of certain foods and/or beverages such as caffeine, particularly coffee, regular tea, green tea, soda, diet soda and fruit juice. Cranberry juice, for example, often causes extreme urgency in patients.

Urgent urination describes an overwhelming need to get to a restroom immediately. It may be accompanied by pain or discomfort in the bladder or urinary tract. You may have urgent urination issues if you sometimes can’t make it to the bathroom in time or if the urge to urinate comes on very suddenly.

Common Causes of Frequent or Urgent Urination Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are the most common cause of frequent or urgent urination. Other causes include:
  • drinking too much liquid
  • caffeinated or alcoholic beverages
  • diabetes
  • pregnancy (especially in third trimester, when there is pressure on the bladder)
  • prostate issues (enlargement or infection)
  • anxiety
  • diuretics
  • interstitial cystitis (chronic infection in the bladder)
  • overactive bladder or other urinary incontinence
  • vaginal infection
  • stroke (or other nervous system disorders)
  • tumor
  • bladder cancer
  • radiation therapy to the pelvic area
  • damage or injury to the urinary tract
  • diverticulitis
When to Seek Treatment for Frequent or Urgent Urination
Frequent urination is a habit for some people. You could train your bladder to feel the need to empty before it is necessary if you urinate frequently. Frequent urination is a symptom that develops over time or appears suddenly for others.

Frequent or urgent urination could be normal for you if you don’t have other symptoms. However, in most cases, frequent or urgent urination signals an underlying health condition. Visit your doctor when:
  • your urinary problems are affecting your lifestyle
  • your have blood in your urine
  • your urine is unusually cloudy or smelly
  • you also have a fever, chills, or fatigue
  • you are vomiting
  • you have pain in your abdomen or sides
  • you have sudden weight loss
  • you have increased appetite and/or thirst
  • there is discharge from your penis or vagina
Relieving Symptoms of Frequent or Urgent Urination
The treatment plan for frequent or urgent urination is largely dependent on the cause. Antibiotics can help treat infections. Lifestyle changes such as monitoring liquid consumption and urine output or adjusting medications could help some people. Your doctor will develop a treatment plan to address your specific situation.

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